Master the art of retirement planning and unlock the secrets to a STRESS-FREE retirement!

Join Ankur Nagpal, the Founder of Carry,  an all-in-one platform for tax-advantaged accounts, investments and retirement planning strategy 💸

Join thousands of like-minded individuals taking their financial power back. Use the exact spreadsheet and method that took me from a negative $30,000 net worth to a $100K by age 25.

Master the art of retirement planning

✨ Comprehensive Knowledge: Gain a deep understanding of various retirement accounts, from 401(k)s and IRAs to Roth options. The Masterclass covers the full spectrum, empowering you to make informed decisions tailored to your unique financial goals.

💰 Maximize Tax Savings: Explore proven tax-saving strategies that will leave more money in your pocket during retirement. Learn how to strategically leverage tax-advantaged accounts and legal loopholes to optimize your income and minimize tax liabilities.

🚀 Plan for Your Dreams: Your retirement should be a time to enjoy life to the fullest. This Masterclass equips you with personalized strategies to turn your dreams into reality, whether it's traveling the world, pursuing hobbies, or spending quality time with loved ones.

🌐 Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals planning for retirement
  • Business Owners seeking to optimize their retirement strategy
  • Anyone interested in securing a comfortable and financially stable retirement

🎓 What You'll Get:

  • In-depth knowledge of various retirement accounts
  • Practical tax-saving techniques for immediate impact
  • A comprehensive retirement planning information to ensure you can make better financial decisions for your future




When will the masterclass take place?

February 20th at 3pm EST (12pm PST). It will also be recorded.

Where does the class take place?

Inside the Break Your Budget Inner Circle. 

Do I need to join the Inner Circle to access the class?

Yes, since it is administered through Circle (Inner Circle Platform) via a Live Room, you must join in order to attend.

Is it a monthly fee?

To retain access to the Inner Circle, it is a monthly fee for $10. However, there is no monthly commitment, so you are welcome to join to attend the masterclass or watch the recording and then cancel if you are not seeking additional support beyond the class. 



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