Break the Corporate Blueprint and Build Your Own Ladder



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Repeat after me: 
I am not the victim of my career. I am the owner. I make the
calls, the choices, and the decisions.

Join thousands of like-minded individuals taking their financial power back. Use the exact spreadsheet and method that took me from a negative $30,000 net worth to a $100K by age 25.

own your career will teach you how to...

Discover your own definition of success

...and so much more!

Catapult your earning potential by building human capital

Build a rock-solid resume that lands you interviews without a connection

Negotiate your salary to earn more money at each job

Nail your next interview so you get the most competitive offer

Create a task-management system for succeeding during pivotal career moments

Choose the right side hustle that will help you make more money

Launch and scale a side hustle to a six-figure business


In Own Your Career, popular financial analyst and entrepreneur Michela Allocca delivers an exciting new discussion of how to navigate the corporate blueprint and forge your own path to a fulfilling and rewarding career. You’ll learn to find happiness and purpose at work whether you’re interested in climbing the corporate ladder or embarking on a different path.

The book offers a collection of tactical strategies you can implement immediately within your career to start getting more out of your day job and redefine what success means to you.

You’ll find:
  • Effective tactics for positioning yourself in your resume, articulating your skills in interviews, and negotiating your compensation to ensure you are not only landing the job, but that it’s as lucrative as possible
  • Practical strategies to navigate career changes and make intentional career decisions with confidence
  • Systems to maximize your earning potential and build a successful side hustle you can take to the next level 

A can’t-miss guide for young professionals, the newly graduated, and aspiring entrepreneurs, Own Your Career offers realistic advice to excel at work and take your power back, both inside and outside of the office.  

about the book:

A can’t-miss guide for young professionals, the newly graduated, and aspiring entrepreneurs, Own Your Career offers realistic advice to excel at work and take your power back, both inside and outside of the office.  


“This podcast is my go-to for long drives, my morning runs, and my daily commute to the city. I can't get enough.”

- Katy


Chapter 1: Are You Lost?

Learn four key career lessons I wish I knew earlier and identify which phase of your career you are currently in. 

Chapter 2: Don't Just Increase Your Earnings

Understand the difference between learning & earning so you can optimize your career. 

Chapter 3: Resume Secrets

Learn tactical resume strategies from experts on how to stand out in a competitive job market. 

Chapter 4: Interviewing for Success

Interview with confidence so you can *actually* land the role!

Chapter 5: The Art of Negotiation

Nail your negotiation and get paid what you deserve.

Chapter 6: Succeeding in the Workplace

Create a task-management system to stay agile at work. 

Chapter 7: Increasing Your Income

Choose the right side hustle and learn how to start earning more. 

Chapter 8: Taking Your Side Hustle to the Next Level

Scale your side hustle to 6 figures and prepare to leave your corporate job (if you choose!)

Chapter 9: You Are More Than Your Career

Learn how to separate your identity from your job. 


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