• 3 Simple Money Saving Tips Every Millennial Should Know
    Saving money isn’t intuitive, so it needs to be intentional. How to save money shouldn’t be complicated, yet somehow, most money saving tips we see online tell us that the best way to save money is to simple “spend less.” I am here to tell you that this money saving … Read more
    When you’re in your 20’s it’s hard to know if you’re on track for financial success for your age. There are so many money moves to make, it can be hard to decipher which ones are the most important. Your 20’s set you up for your 30’s, and these millennial … Read more
  • Financial Milestones for Your 20’s
    You’re probably wondering if you’re on the right path to financial success, if you’re doing “enough,” or if what you’re doing is even right. When you’re in your 20’s it’s hard to know if you’re on track for financial success for your age. Since we all have different jobs, different … Read more
  • Your Money Saving Plan: How to put One Together
    If you are someone who has struggled to budget, and doesn’t know how to save money effectively, list up. It’s time to put together a money saving plan so you can live your Dream Life. But it takes some work! When it comes to saving money and putting together a … Read more
  • Holiday Spending Tips
    The holidays are officially here, and that means it’s time to do some serious shopping!! Just kidding… sort of. The holiday season is the season of giving, and it’s normal to want to give gifts to friends and family, especially after this crazy year. It’s really easy to go overboard … Read more
  • Financial Planning: THe Benefits of a Plan
    Financial planning is a way of preparing your finances for the future, which is unpredictable. There are 2 routes to creating a financial plan: a full-blown financial plan that you establish with a licensed Financial Advisor or a spending plan that you build yourself (if you need help building on, … Read more
  • Why a Budget is Different Than a Plan
    My most commonly asked question is “How can I create a budget that I actually stick to?” The answer to that question isn’t what you may think… First things first, if you struggle to “stick to” your budget, then you need to stop budgeting. You need to create a spending … Read more
  • How To Use Sinking Funds to Save More Money
    Sinking funds are a way to save money over time. If you are hoping to save up money for a specific goal, the best way to do so is to use sinking funds! What are sinking funds? Sinking funds are savings goals where the money that you put away on … Read more
  • How to Review Your Finances Every Month
    Taking time to review your finances each month is a really important step towards reaching big savings goals and feeling in control of your money. Before I started to do this regularly, I struggled at the end of every month to figure out what the heck I was doing with … Read more
  • What Is Financial Self-Care?
    If you’ve heard the term “self-care” it’s likely you immediately think of face masks and bubble baths. But, self-care is so much more than that. Self-care is all encompassing, and it goes beyond the simple pleasures of treating ourselves to a luxurious bath or skincare routine. To me, self-care means … Read more
  • How to Build Your Signature Money Management System
    Personal finance is so personal,  and the way you manage your money is no different. There is no cookie cutter solution, no one-size-fits-all framework, and no single way to manage your money and find financial flexibility. This is why it’s crucial to have your own signature system in place! With … Read more
  • Financial Habits of Successful Women
    One of the pinnacles to achieving lifelong success is to instill better habits into our days and establish strong routines. In fact, most successful people have very similar habits, which is the common denominator to their achievement. We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, and as a … Read more
  • 4 Money Lessons I’d Tell My Younger Self
    Hindsight is 2020, and if I’ve learned anything over the past few years of focusing on my finances it’s that there is always room to be doing more. One of my goals with this blog is to be as transparent as possible, and part of that includes sharing mistakes I’ve … Read more
  • 5 Weapons for Your Financial Journey
    Reaching financial freedom doesn’t follow a paved path. There are detours, obstacles and roadblocks on this journey, and it can become really difficult to navigate.  For me, financial freedom means that I have freedom over my time. It means that I don’t need to answer to someone at all hours … Read more
  • How to Create Your Own Financial Planning Process
    It’s no secret that having a financial plan is super critical to achieve financial success. Creating a financial plan is useful because it gives you a strategy to reach your goals, as well as clarity and confidence in regards to the path you need to take in order to reach … Read more
  • Your 2-Part Financial Success Strategy
    One of my favorite life mottos is “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” This rings true in so many areas of our lives, but especially in regards to our personal finances. Regardless of your age, income, or any other societal “qualifier” we’ve created: you need a financial … Read more
  • How COVID Changed The Way I Spend My Money
    It’s no secret that over the past few months of the COVID-19 pandemic our lives have seriously changed. In fact, looking back 6 months feels like looking back on a different lifetime, where we had no clue what was coming just over the horizon. Given so much has changed, it … Read more
  • How to Feel Empowered With Your Finances
    We all want to feel good about money. For most of us, money is our gateway to freedom, and as a result we’re constantly wishing we had more of it. But what if feeling good wasn’t necessarily about having more money, but more control?  To feel empowered in other areas … Read more
    Investing for Beginners: Investing money can be scary, especially as a beginner. There is so much skepticism and fear around losing money, getting into the market at the wrong time, choosing the wrong investments, and everything in between. Knowledge is power, and knowing how to invest will guide you in … Read more
  • Small Tweaks You Can Make To Build Better Financial Habits
    “It’s the little ways you show up for yourself everyday that create the big shifts you’re looking for.” Habits are the cornerstone to success in all areas of our lives, and they are often overlooked in regards to personal finance. More often than not, we want to see big change … Read more
  • The Importance of Diversification
    Welcome back to The Beginner’s Guide to Investing! This is Part 6 of the series, and we’re diving deep on the concept of diversification. In its simplest form, diversification can be summed up by the phrase “don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The concept of diversification is critical … Read more
  • High Yield Savings Accounts 101
    If you don’t already have a high yield savings account, you are missing out! Did you know that the average interest rate on a regular savings account is just .06%? That means for every $1,000 you put in savings you’re earning just 6 cents, which is practically nothing. But, what … Read more
  • Brokerage Accounts: What They Are and Why You Need One
    I’m often asked “How do I start investing?” While there is so much to know about different types of investments and strategies, I’ve found that the issue holding most people back isn’t not knowing what to invest in. It’s how to literally start. The process of opening an investment account, … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Part 4
    You may have heard many people tell you that you need to start saving for retirement or start investing as young and soon as you possibly can. Why is it so important to open an account early? The answer is probably one of the most, if not the most, important … Read more
  • 10 Money Mistakes to Avoid In Your 20’s
    Your 20’s are the decade when you get to figure out your life and learn from your mistakes. It is also the decade when you can put yourself ahead of the game and set yourself up for a lifetime of financial success. Money impacts all areas of our lives, so … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Part 3
    When learning how to invest, it can feel like there are so many moving parts to keep track of. Of course you think about how much you need to invest and what types of investments you’ll choose, but have you thought about how often you will actually transfer money into … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Part 2
    Welcome back for part 2 of the Investing for Beginners Series at Break Your Budget! If you haven’t checked out PART 1 yet, make sure you head over to that post where we broke down stock market basics, investing strategies, risk tolerance, and how to figure out your investing budget.  … Read more
  • How I Manage My Money
    I have always been someone who tracks and monitors my spending. Throughout the years, I’ve used so many different budgeting templates, apps, and the like. I have tried EVERYTHING… from free downloadable templates, to different budgeting apps and everything in between. Through all of this trial and error, I was … Read more
  • How to Automate Your Finances
    Are you tired of manually moving money around, week after week, month after month? Do you spend a lot of time managing your finances each time you get paid? I’m here to share a few tips on how you can automate your finances, behind the scenes, so your money is … Read more
  • Stop Comparing Your Financial Situation to Someone Else’s
    Recently, I received a message on Instagram from a woman who told me that she felt badly about herself when she saw my posts about how much I save, or how I spend my money. While my posts are meant for education and inspiration, and are never intended to make … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Investing: Part 1
    Given the stock market’s strong performance up until the COVID-19 pandemic, combined with the extra attention towards the market and the quick rebound over the past few weeks… it’s safe to say A LOT of people have expressed interest in learning how to invest and get started. While investing isn’t … Read more
  • The Difference Between a Financial Coach and a Financial Advisor
    One of my most asked questions is “Should I hire a financial advisor?” Honestly, the answer to this question largely depends on who you ask. It also depends on your current financial situation; a financial advisor provides a very specific service, and if you aren’t ready for it, you may … Read more
  • How to Audit Your Finances Each Month
    My number one rule when it comes to budgeting and creating a successful financial plan? The fortune is in the follow-up! Creating a financial plan is one thing, but actually sticking to it? That is an entirely different piece of the puzzle. The hardest part of making a spending plan … Read more
  • My Favorite Bank Accounts: How I Set Up My Finances
    On of my most commonly asked questions is “What are the best bank accounts for XYZ?” While there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to personal finances, it can be helpful to have an idea of what other people are doing in order to create a plan or system of … Read more
  • How 28 Millennials Spent their COVID-19 Stimulus Check
    Recently, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States Federal Government has passed groundbreaking economic stimulus legislation to help the economy recover from an essential “stop” to most businesses. As a result, many millennials across the nation have received a $1,200 stimulus payment. At the end of the … Read more
  • Tips to Avoid Falling Into the Paycheck-to-Paycheck Trap
    If there’s one lesson I learned in my first year working after college, it’s that it is really damn easy to spend all your money. In fact, most post-grads do just that. Finally, we have a real income and every two weeks we see that direct deposit hit. It’s liberating, … Read more
  • 3 Ways to Curb Millennial Financial Anxiety (even during a recession)
    We live in a world that is ruled by money, but where no one wants to talk about it. As a result, an army of post-grads enter the world with no freaking clue about how to manage their money properly and in their own best long-term interest. Naturally, this leads … Read more
  • How I Started Investing
    My most common asked question from my community on Instagram is “How can I start investing?” While this may seem like a loaded question, it is actually pretty simple! You don’t need to have a finance degree or work with an advisor to be able to invest. While I actually … Read more